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 Love is All spotify










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klein beauty




My Single Dry Your Tears Is Out

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dry your tears  


My Single Love is All Is Out


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My Single  A New Day   SEE THE CLIP!!!!   Click On The Picture


A New Day

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7-September-2019     RADIO WEST  Broodje Bral - Sjaak Bral, MARS and LESLEY van RUITENBEEK


25-August-2019           CD presentation LESLEY van RUITENBEEK


 2019 februari

Omroep MAX NPO 5 de  MAX with HenkJan Smits and Manuëla Kemp

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Paard van Trojen

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A Contract for 5 Songs   

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There will Also Be A Release This Year: MARS - BEST SONGS FROM MARS

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Februari 2018

There are so Many Things Goining On At The Moment,
So I Put a Hold on The Release for My New Album MARS - SONGS FROM MARS VOL 3 and The Release of My New Single:
Love is All.

I Will Wait For The Right Moment.


Januari 2018

Working on The Video Clip for My newest Single : Love is All 
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12 december 2017
The New X-mas Single YENNEYChristmas Day
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YOUTUBE:     Click on The Picture for itunes
Written-All Instruments by Marcel de Boer
Recording Studio MARS
September 2017
My New Single A NEW DAY is out Now.
16 September 2017
Interview and CD-Release in
ParkroadCafe (Radio West)
September 2017
My New Single A NEW DAY is out Now.
Watch The Video on YouTube 'click on The Image':
2 Weeks in The Charts 55 In The Digiplug Top 100
RADIO WEST - ParkRoadCafe
I Finished My New Album MARS / SONGS FROM MARS Vol 3
It Will be Officially Released in 2018 Together With The Release of The Second Single
From This Album 'Love is All'
voor jpg
binnen jpg

My Previous Album MARS / SONGS FROM MARS Vol 2

Here Availlable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Click on The iTunes or SPOTIFY Logo
Promotion  for My  Album on:
Radio 2,  Veronica Countdown CafeParkroad Cafe/ Radio TV-West, RTW FM radio
Mars & Spike
Mars Spike
JJMusicHouse with BatCrabDSC01979
 Dre Aad
Parkroad Cafe     dhda
 Michael van Remmen and Mars doing My New Songs From MARS - Songs From Mars Vol 3     ( The Release will be in October 2017 )
Dilruba from India
Radio RTW With Jolanda Huijsdens and Willy Klomp
 aaaaadfghj  RTW NederBeat
Singing  Strawberryfields Live for John Sinclaire, a Friend of John Lennon who came to visit Parkroad  Radio (Omroep West)
I'm Still working on The Urban Heroes Project with Evert Nieuwstede and Jaap de Jonckheere
Benefiet concert voor Museum RockArt 
july 1   PARKROAD CAFE Omroep Radio West
june 5   PARKROAD CAFE Omroep Radio West
 2 June, Videoclip Share your love tonight with Peter Kok de Goey (Greenfield & Cook)
in my Studio (STUDIO MARS)
Optreden Delft 29 mei MARS with the Adapters and Yenney
Parkroad Cafe 13 Mei With Emmaly Brown
Jubileum uitzending (50) Parkroad Cafe 15 april 2016
11 Februari 2016
Nederbeat  RTW FM RADIO
02 Februari 2016
MARS joins MASSIVE-TALENT with two sixties-soaked tracks:
'It Will Be So Nice' and 'We Are Gonna Be Happy'.
Listen to the full versions here:
31 Januari 2016
MARS live With YENNEY and The Black Albino's
10 December 2015

Aanstaande donderdag 10 december het programma Nederbeat bij RTW FM vanaf 20.00 uur.

Muzikale gasten o.a.

Rudy Bennett (Motions, Bennett & Bee, Galaxy Linn, Jupiter e.v.a)

Klaasje van der Wal (The Kick, Shocking Blue, Antilope etc.)

Wally Mckey (Lemming) Constant Meeuws (Cumberland band)

MARS - Marcel de Boer ( The Incrowd, MARS)

Ruurd Berendes (Tarkus, The Greyhounds)

Erik Kuijlaars (Parkroad Café)

Fred Zuiderwijk.

Aanvang: 20.00 hr. Via het internet is deze Nederbeatuitzending wereldwijd te beluisteren WWW.RTW.NL

Presentatie Gerrie Schouten Presentator Nederbeat Martin Reitsma

Techniek & Voiceover: Theo Klomp en Willy Klomp-Koel Fotografie: Ron Post


28 November

An interview and My New Song on Parkroad Radio/Omroep West 

5 November 2015
Okkie Huijsdens Memorial
With a Lot of Artists This Evening:
Bob Schimscheimer, Michael Riesenbeck, Henk Nibourg, Peter Strykes, Lain Barbier, Jo de Roeck, Johan Slager,
Robert Soeterboek, Paul Vink, Toine van der Linden, Margreet Karsemeijer, Shell Schellekens, Saskia Riemens,
Thijmen Vonk, Tom Moerenhout, Marcel en Yenney de Boer, Michael van Remmen, Hilde Marchall en Rob Bolland.
Dany Lademacher's Wild Romance
MARS and Michael van Remmen
October 2015
I Finished Mastering The New Song by The REST - The Schredder of My Mind
with Erik Kuijlaars at Parkroad Studio
The Rest, featuring: Polle Eduard, Len Bouman, Beau Wassenbergh
and Hans Vermeulen
11 Oktober 2015
Checking The Master of The CD from Sjaak Bral wich I Finished Yesterday
September 2015
Finishing My New Song: Life Belongs To Me in STUDIO MARS
Aug 2015
Interview and Promotion for My Album
Aug 2015
Life at RTW Radio, Promotion for My Album - MARS  Songs From Mars Vol 2
4 Juli
RTW fm studio Nederbeat in Waddinxveen
With Martin Reitsma and Gerrie Schouten
12 Juni   
Parkroad Studio Voorburg
Juni 2015
I Wrote a New Song: He Wants To Be a Better Man
MAY 2015
Parkroad Cafe uitzending


17 April 2015            Bert's Musical Journey
MARS Plays Songs From his latest CD: Songs From Mars Vol.2
Suported by Michael van Remmen (Guitar, vocals, Mouthharp)
Bert All1
09 April 2015
Interview on RTW FM Radio
They played 6 Songs from my New Album
Thanks to Gerry Schouten, Martin Reitsma, Ron Post and Theo Klomp
07 April 2015
It was Great Yesterday!!!!!!
MY CD presentation in Museum Rockart for My New Album Songs From Mars Vol. 2
Suported by Michael van Remmen (Guitar, vocals, Mouthharp)
Presentation: Fred Zuiderwijk
Jaap 2hgreqyheqyreqyqyq
The 1e CD for Jaap Schut - Museum Rockart
Fenno Werkman
MARS and Fenno Werkman
Mario ehethe
YENNEY, Michael van Remmen and MARS
Pa Cindy yq5yq5
                             Evert Nieuwstede and Fenno Werkman
06 April 2015
CD presentation inMuseum Rockart for My New AlbumSongs From Mars Vol. 2
With an Unplugged LivePerformance between 14.00 and 17.00
I will play The acoustic Guitar and Sing 5 Songs from My New Album
Supported by Michael van Remmen ( Acoustic Guitar, vocals and Bluesharp)
 Mars CD presentatie

Also on that Same Afternoon:
Evert Nieuwstede-Urban Heroes:
40 Years Of R&R! (2CD Promo Box-40 tracks)
With an Unplugged Performance
20 March 2015
Veronica's Countdown Café, an Interview and Promotion for My New Album Songs From Mars Vol. 2
They played: I've got Something to Say to You and You Should Tell The World
    veronica1       Countdowncafe   
09 March 2015
parkroad cafe2
Live Radio Program Park Road Cafe at 
'Boerderij Cultuurpodium' Amerikaweg 145, Zoetermeer,
for a live Interview and promotion for My Songs: 
Dry Your Tears & We are Gonna Be Happy
07 March 2015
A Meeting in Museum Rockart
They will Sell My CD Songs From Mars Vol. 2
and They are gonna organize My CD presentation
Click on The Logo and Take a Look at Their Website
02 March 2015
Tonight in Park Road Cafe at  'Boerderij Cultuurpodium' Amerikaweg 145, Zoetermeer,
In this Live Radio Program they will play My Song:
You Should Tell The World from Songs From Mars Vol. 2
Next Week 09 March I will be in this Live Radio Program Park Road Cafe
for a live Interview and promotion for My Song  Dry Your Tears
Boerderij Cultuurpodium Amerikaweg 145, Zoetermeer
The promotion started forMy New Album: MARS / SONGS FROM MARSVOL. 2
 Radio 2 and 3, Radio 3FM, 538 and Radio TV-West
Result so far:
2 tracks will be promoted on National Radio 2 for 5 -6 weeks
I will do a performance and a interview on TV-WEST, I will let You know When.
September and October 2014
I'm working on My New Album: SONGS FROM MARS VOL. 2
Mastering is a serious Job but it Sounds Great Now!
August 22  2014
I'm working on the New Song, 'Don't Be Sad'
for My New Album: SONGS FROM MARSVOL. 2
It's The Last Song I have to do
For a nice Bluesy Sound I played the RichWood Resonator Guitar
July 14  2014
 I've  finished a  New Song, 'Screbrenica by Sattelite'
A Song I wrote Years ago, my only Political Song so Far
It turned out Wonderfull, a very rich Sound, Love it!!!!
(still a sad Story Though, wat Happend Then)
Mars P5
So only 1 more Song to Go for The New Album!!!!!!!!!!
June 14  2014
 I'm working on the New Song, 'I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU'
for My New Album: SONGS FROM MARS VOL. 2
I added some SteelGuitars to the Song
I used The Gretsch G5715 Lap Steel Black Sparkle
and I changed The End of the Song a little bit

May 25  2014

Recording Session in STUDIO MARS with Erwin Idema  ( Wish), 
Evert Nieuwstede (Urban Heroes)
 Erwin Idema
MARS  & Evert Nieuwstede in STUDIOMARS


Erwin Idema, Evert Nieuwstede & MARS




May 21  2014
I'm recording a New Song, 'I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU'
for My New Album: SONGS FROM MARSVOL. 2
I really like the Vintage Sixties Feel that You can Taste in this Song!!! 


May 11 - 25  2014



Two Days Recording The Vocals for The Second Song forWISH in StudioMARS

Vocals by Erwin Idema, under the supervision of Evert Nieuwstede ( Urban Heroes ).


Again a GreatSong !!!



May  2014



Luca Giordano from 'Giordano Guitar Point Service' did a Good Fretlevel Job


My Jaguar plays so Great now!!!


See here a link to his Site:










March 4 2014



In1975I was crazy about a Song ‘The Guitar man’ by Hank The Knife and the Jets.

They used a 6-string Fender Bass guitar, a copy from The Fender Jaguar Guitar.


How I loved that Sound!!!!

It’s got The same Tuning as a Guitar only one octave lower and it’s got a tremolo.

And I’m also a happy owner of such a 6 string Bass Guitar.







March 2 2014




Recording The Vocals for The New Single forWISH in StudioMARS

Vocals by Erwin Idema, under the supervision of Evert Nieuwstede ( Urban Heroes ).


Great Team Work Guys!!!



Febr 2014


I Finished 2 new Songsfor MyNew CD and I am very pleased

with the result


"You should Tell the World"and "The Nana Song"


3 more Songs to go, to finish the Album !!!!


So I Think The Release will be in The Second Half of 2014.




jan 2014


Talents on IYR! 2013 - Ready for Radio Promotion -


2 Songs From MARS :



Track 12: It will be so Nice &Track 13: We gonna be Happy


I made the arrangements for Emmaly Brown Track 11: Is it a Dream


and wrote a song for my Girlfriend Yenney: Track 14: It's a Nice Day











Nov 2013

I am working hard on my New Album.

It will be released in April 2014.



My Songs will get Radio Promotion in 2014






In the Meantime I'm working with Evert Nieuwstede on different Projects

For The It's Your Record Label ( Wish, Yenney, MARS )



Evert Nieuwstede (Urban Heroes)


june 30, 2013



Park Pop 30 June 17.00 THE URBAN HEROES


MARS & others will join in the Final











 Other Artist



Sinead O'Connor


Barry Hay & Flying V Formation




Bob Geldof



Parkpop is the largest free pop festival in Europe!

Whoever says the words ‘pop music’ must be referring to The Hague!
And whoever brings pop music and The Hague together, must be referring to Parkpop!
The last Sunday in June is traditionally reserved for Parkpop, the biggest, free pop festival in Europe.
The music event is held annually at the South Park (Zuiderpark) in The Hague.  

240 000 visitors

In 1981 Parkpop started with one stage and 15,000 visitors.
Nowadays, it is a festival with an international flavour, three stages and 240 000 visitors.




August 3, 2013



SchollenPop 3 August  THE URBAN HEROES


MARS & others will join in the Final




SchollenPop   stands for sun, sea, sand and of course live pop and rock music.

And that all for free. This year is the 17th edition of this successful popfestival which is held in front of the Dunes of The Hague,

on the Zuiderstrand (South Beach) of Scheveningen.

Next to the all-famous Parkpop, Schollenpop is quickly becoming the 2nd biggest free popfestival in The Hague.

A cool, something for everyone line-up: T.B.A..
A locals only stage combined with the beach as festival terrain, guarantees an unforgettable day in Scheveningen!




May 17, 2013

Take a Look at the New Pictures.
Mars as one of the 192 Beat Boys!!
'To see the Photos 'Click' on the Poster and go to '192 Drive in Show'



February 28, 2013

Important News!!!!!!

For a short while it won’t be possibleto order any of my CD’s. and went Bankrupt

( since February 20, 2013  )

I will let You know when there’s news and when it will be possible to order my CD’s again





In the Meantime I am working hard on my New Album.

It will be released in April 2014.






( The Links below to the CD-Shops are temporary not working )





In the Meantime I amworking hard on my New Album.

It will be released in September – October 2013.





International  CD-Release : MARS / SONGS FROM MARS


Finally Available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







'click' on the banner and go to
The international webshop !!!
label: it's your record/musictribe





Only €9,99






FinallyMARS is also available at FONOS – BEELD EN GELUID 


( This edition is only available in Holland !!!!!!!!!!!!!! )




( Dutch CD release: It's Your Record!-Fonos/Beeld En Geluid )
Only €9,99
22 January 2013         


17 February, We will go back in Time at The 192 Drive-In Show

Mars will perform together with Mick Willemsen en Maurice van Spronzen

doing Songs from The late Sixties andEarly Seventies.



Be there!!!!  it will be Great Fun!!!!!


'Click' on The Photo for moreinformation



I found an old Photo of Me in My 'Young Days'.
It's a Concert from 'SIDE EFFECT' in 'De Paap' in The Hague in 1983
From Left to Right : Robert van Raamsdonk, Ronald van 't zand and MARS
To watch More old Photo's, click on the Camera
and go to 'The Old Days'- 'SIDE EFFECT'
MARS is aTop3 Artist on