MARS uses the following gear:



Gibson Les Paul standard special edition, P-94 pickups and Tremolo

Framus Missouri special edition, P-90 pickups Bigsby Tremolo, Ebony fret board

Fender Precision reissue 1963

Eko 12-string Acoustic

Ibanez 6-string Acoustic

Washburn Cumberland 6-string Acoustic

Martin 6-string Acoustic

Gretch Lap steel with SD-Humbucker Dimarzio

Stagg Jaguar, studio, PRS, Stratocaster

Peer Dellen Stratocaster, vintage 63 pickups and Tremolo

Challange Violin Bass ( Beatles Bass )

Richwood Resonator Guitar

Indie IRK5 12 String Electric

Fender Squier VI 6-string vintage Bass

Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar 3TSB 



Other instruments

Sitar from Bombay


Dilruba From India Tuned in C

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Suzuki Taishogoto Tokumatsu.

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Baby Grand Piano

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Harpi Chord

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Pedal Steel

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Khim From Thailand



Fender Mandoline

Fender FM 100 Mandolin

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 Roland V-Drum

Bass Guitar Amp

Bass Master 100

Guitar Amp
Koch Studio Tone Tube Amp 

Roland Tube Screamer

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